Unless you were a home inspector yourself, before you decided to move to Los Angeles, you may find it difficult to look at a problem with a property and decide whether it's something you can deal with yourself or not. This is a common problem, especially with first time home buyers. In LA, you can't really afford to be picky, so you'll probably have to deal with the ugly flooring and the weedy front yard if you want to get a reasonably priced home. Here are some problems you should not attempt to deal with.


Cracks in the wall aren't necessarily a deal breaker unless they're the result of the home settling - your home inspector will be able to tell you that. However what you really need to watch out for are cracks in the foundation, which can indicate that the home is structurally unsound. The Edmonton home inspection company, Housemaster, states that a cracked foundation can cost thousands of dollars to repair - if it can be repaired - and will require excavating and reinforcing or replacing the foundation. A simple crack can be a small problem or it can be a huge problem, and you will not be certain until you have had an inspection. If you need to book an inspection right away you can reach Housemaster at 780-449-3883 or 1-800-303-3381 or visit their office at 93 Kaska Road in Edmonton, Alberta. If you need an inspector elsewhere, do a google search for your area.


If there's a unit of condos with a water stain on the floor around the bathtub, that's probably just the result of an accident. You can deal with it by replacing the flooring. However, if there's moisture coming into the basement or through the roof, then you've got a big problem. Sources of moisture can be notoriously difficult to pin down and seal off and the result of years of moisture buildup can be harmful molds and mildews forming in the wall. So watch out for damp feels and musty smells.

The CDC has spelled out the dangers of mold in your home and it is not something you want to live with. Read here


One ant in the kitchen or a couple of spiders in the attic is not that much of an issue. Even a mouse or two can be taken care of by a getting a pet cat. However, if you're seeing a lot of animal droppings around the home you're looking at or if there's wood damage that looks like it could be from termites, don't buy with a report done first. Make sure to look into dark spaces, under furniture, and behind picture frames because bugs like termites and bed bugs like to hide in these places.


Another thing to watch out for when you're looking at homes for sale is whether or not the current owner has a clear title on the property. If he or she has taken out a loan with the home as security, you may not be able to take possession until the creditor has been paid. Additionally, if boundaries are contested or neighbors are involved in a lawsuit with the current owner, you are likely to inherit these problems if you buy the house, so beware.

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