Some people see Hollywood as the place where they are going to build their career and where all of their dreams will come true. Others just see it as a fun vacation spot where they might be able to see some of their favorite actors from film and television. If you're traveling to this part of the country from as far away as Glasgow or Anchorage, or you're just in the area for the day from San Diego, there are lots of great things that you can do in Hollywood.

If you're traveling with the whole family then one of the things that could make everyone in the group happy is going to one of the theme parks that Hollywood has to offer. Universal Studios Hollywood is a great mix of the studio tour that will be interesting to the adults and rides that will satisfy even the most thrill seeking child. And those that are taking a day off from work can stop by Pink's on the way home for a hotdog. This is a Hollywood institution that has seen many famous faces over the years. Check our their delicious menu at

If you want to be a larger part of the action of Hollywood then you will get from going to the amusement park them you might want to think about being a part of a studio audience while you're in the area. There are lots of people who will take the afternoon off to be part of a show like Ellen or Dr. Phil. No matter who the guests might be, this will likely give you a unique and memorable experience within the city.

You can't go to Hollywood without checking out the Hollywood sign. This has got to be one of the most recognizable landmarks in the country and you can check it out from many different places. Another site that you might recognize from watching movies based in this area is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is on Hollywood Boulevard and is a place where you can see the names of many of the best actors in the world today and those who came before over the last hundred years.

Grauman's Chinese Theater is another popular spot for those that are visiting Hollywood and is definitely worth the trip. The outside looks like something you would see in an art painting and this is where you will find the handprints and footprints of a number of different stars.

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