While not all of us have the opportunity to work at our dream job, there are very few who would rather be sitting at home all day then working and making the money that they need to survive. No matter if you're someone who works in restaurant management or you're working in a factory making clothes, you don't want to be in a position where you're worried that you might lose your job every day that you go into work. There are some things that you might be able to do to help you to establish more job security.

When a company is downsizing (see explanation here), they are going to get rid of the people that they can survive without. So, the best thing that you can do as an employee is show that you are necessary to the successful running of that business. A catering company is never going to fire a chef who makes great food for an affordable price and is reliable with all of the clients. If you're working in a large office then you should make sure you are as essential and valuable as an employee as possible. There are several different ways that you can do this.

One of the things that people are looking for these days when they are hiring for anyone from a corner store assistant, all the way to large advertising firms in downtown Los Angeles is that you have education as well as experience. If you want to be on the track where you're getting considered for promotions rather than being on the list of expendable employees then you should increase your education whenever possible. There are many companies that will even pay for you to take additional classes and courses that could make you more valuable at work.

Be efficient and willing to take on new tasks. While you don't want your job to take advantage of your time and skills and pile on enough work for three people, you should make sure you're always exceeding expectations at the office. Whether that means you're producing more product at a factory or you're getting assignments done a few days ahead of schedule, you should try to show that your time is always well spent while you're at work. If your bosses see that you're always working then they will be less likely to think that they can survive without you.

Know what you're going to do if the worst does happen. While it's never good to lose that job working for a law firm or at a downtown shop, you should know what you're qualified to do and where you might go to find new employment. If you believe that your job is at risk, start planning by updating your resume and looking at recent job postings.

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