If you need a restart in your life or are just looking for more opportunities to work in your field then you might be interested in moving to a larger city then the one that you're currently in. You will have access to people who work in medicine or in architecture and are more likely to find what you're looking for professionally than in a town of just a few thousand people. Los Angeles is the second largest city in all of America and you can bet that there are opportunities here for those looking for thousands of different jobs.

It won't be surprising to many that one of the biggest industries in Los Angeles is entertainment. This is the home to Hollywood and the headquarters of most of the country's largest film and television studios as well as a number of theme parks and other attractions. There is also everyone from a management consultant office to a student on spring break coming here annually for a vacation. Tourism is a huge industry in Los Angeles and there are jobs available in both areas.

Our favorite California theme parks: (and a potential job source for you!)

Universal Studios Hollywood
SeaWorld San Diego
Knott's Berry Farm

What few people might know is that this is also the city with the largest manufacturing industry in the country and is one of the nation's largest ports. If you're someone who has been driving a truck for years, you will not be comfortable leading celebrity tours, but you could find a job with one of the thousands of other companies that are operating in the area. There are more than half a million people working in manufacturing alone in everything from apparel to making electronics to driving excavation trucks.

Aerospace is the other huge industry within Los Angeles. There are more than twenty thousand people working for the Boeing company and this is also the home of the headquarters of Northrop Grumman. If you're looking to work your way up the corporate ladder in Los Angeles then you will be happy to know that there are seven Fortune 500 companies based in this city and many other national and international headquarters.

Education and healthcare are two industries that no city can survive without. The largest private employer in Los Angeles is the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Unified School District is the city's second largest employer. These are excellent choices for anyone looking for a stable and lasting job.

Knott's Berry Farm


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