When many people visit Los Angeles, one of the things that they have on their wish list is spotting one of their favorite celebrities. This is the home of Hollywood, after all, and is where they work every day and is the city that many movie, television and music stars call home. You might come for a week vacation to check out the best clubs in Los Angeles and see some famous faces here. But, if you want to add on the possibility of seeing celebrities at home then you should check out one of the many celebrity tours that are available throughout the city.

If you're coming to Los Angeles to see how celebrities live then you will see the most sides of that lifestyle by going on a tour. This will usually take you to at least a dozen different celebrity homes and some famous properties that were once owned by some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. You might be able to see the residences of famous artists like Andy Warhol, or actors like Marilyn Monroe or James Dean and then could see where people like Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise are living today. And this will take you through many of the wealthiest neighborhoods that the Los Angeles area has to offer.

Many of the tours that you will find leave throughout the day and will take a few hours to complete. You should bring your camera with you and you never know who you might see. While there is a list of the houses that you will visit, these parts of the city are always seeing new famous faces moving in. You might see a movie star who you have watched for years.

If you want more of a full celebrity sighting experience than you will get seeing their houses from the road, you could also add on some other venues that might be celebrity friendly. There are many tours that combine the houses with a trip to a film studio lot and to some of the most famous restaurants and night spots in the city. There are lots of different tours that are running throughout the city for those interested in a variety of different things. You will likely be able to find one that suits your needs, whether you're traveling with your family or with some friends from your gym.

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