"We have two daughters presently aged 8 and 12 years old. Our older child started taking piano lessons at the age of 5½ and the younger at age 5. Our sole initial purpose and intent was to instill in our children a love of music and to teach them the meaning of discipline. Our children initially had a private student teacher for training who encouraged us to send our children to piano competitions. It was at these competitions that we became acquainted with Lambda Music School because we saw children from that school perform, and it was impressive. In 2010, we switched to Lambda, and the improvement in both of our children was immediately noticeable. Lambda with its modern facilities not only provides a rigorous and classical training method, even for our younger daughter who is now eight years old, but is able to motivate children to want to understand and master both music technique and theory.

The greatest accomplishment is that our children are still motivated after two years to want to continue to learn and they have become confident in consequence. Lambda has provided workshops and master classes conducted by both teachers from Lambda but also by invited world class musicians. Lambda has provided both a music and a life lesson. Both our children in general spend some two hours per day practicing piano, because they have teachers that motivate them to want to achieve recognition for what they do. Of course there are times when our children balk at the discipline, but they honestly look forward every week to going to their piano lessons at Lambda. It is hard work (though not always), but what more could I ask for as a parent. What more could I ask of a music school. Thank you."

~ Sharon Fei ~


"Lambda music school is very different from other music schools. The school exudes an atmosphere of accomplishment. Just waiting for a class exposes students and parents to the music of other students attending classes, whether in piano, violin or a wind instrument. As well there are displays of the artwork generated by students attending art classes. While Lambda emphasizes music as its main function, it provides art courses, photography courses and, in general, instruction in the general arts. My children came to Lambda 1½ years ago to pursue their piano studies, and they fell in love with this institution. The facilities for music are exceptional, as are the facilities for the general arts classes that are held at Lambda. In terms of music instruction, my children attend piano lessons where they have been taught both technique and theory, they have attended summer classes, master classes and piano workshops given by both teachers and by invited world class musicians, and they have had the opportunity of interacting with other music students (and their families) who have similar interests in developing their childrens’ musical talents.

The teachers at Lambda have the ability to motivate children to excel and to give their best efforts to become both musicians and better human beings. Our children participate in recitals twice a year at Lambda’s concert hall and we have been encouraged to enter our children in competitions, not so much for the purpose of winning, though that is important, but to develop in our children the self confidence necessary to go through this type of experience. It becomes a life experience for our children and the lessons learned are reflected in their regular school marks and in their other activities. Lambda has been a unique experience for me and my children and I have never regretted making the decision to send my children to Lambda."

~ A. Oulousian. ~


Lambda’s Angela Chan: a miracle maker

I hereby would like to tell my daughter’s story with the piano and Lambda. Miriam started expressing interest in the piano when she was 5 years old. I remember the number of times she asked me to take her to piano lessons. I never realized that she was serious and that she knew what she wanted at that early age. I thought it was a passing state of euphoria like the one she had with “pink” when every tiny detail in her wardrobe was suddenly pink. One day, my colleagues and dear friends Dr. Elizabeth Gatbonton and Dr. Norman Segalowitz invited my family to their country house and during our conversation, Norman started talking about music in general and the piano in particular. To our biggest surprise, my little Miriam took out her purse that contained a few coins and told him “take all my money and teach me how to play the piano”. Norman immediately referred me to his then Ph.D. student and piano teacher, Angela Chan. Even then I had my doubts and waited for one more year after which the nagging became impossible to ignore. We started taking piano lessons at Angela’s house and we bought our first privia piano and everything was going well to the point that Miriam’s brother who was 5 years older than her joined ship. However, mom’s new career and all the obligations that came with it interfered and the family took the decision to stop the piano lessons to alleviate mom’s schedule. Miriam’s sadness was obvious but she did not complain. With the years, mom got used to her job and started thinking of taking Miriam back to Angela and the silent piano sitting in the living room encouraged her to do so. Miriam was 10 when she started taking Sunday lessons with Steven at Lambda. The four-month period she had with him proved that the interest was still there and before long, Miriam was taking courses with Angela again and the progress she started making never ceased to amaze her parents. With very little practice at home, Miriam was learning new songs quite rapidly and refining her technique. Angela Chan literally changed her perceptions about piano playing. She realized that piano playing was about every body part except the fingers. It is about the arms, the shoulders, the heart, the tummy, the legs, and most importantly the brain that is giving all the orders. Understanding these facts that are rarely taught by regular piano teachers made all the difference and Miriam started analyzing and paying attention to her body movement, which changed her playing drastically. She also learnt that a piano player doesn’t need nail polish, extravagant clothes and hair accessories to get the audience’s attention. All she needs to do is to play with conviction, assertiveness and elegance. Learning the piano is certainly no easy task but the way Angela teaches the kids makes all the difference. As an educator, I know that there is no real learning without theoretical foundations. I also know how boring theory can be especially for young learners. Angela combines theory and practice in a way that does not discourage or demotivate her students. Her enthusiasm and love of the piano are so contagious that we barely feel class time pass by. One more thing that is so particular at Lambda are the different venues and modes of teaching used to fine tune students’ playing the piano and all the other instruments. The numerous Lambda shows, group rehearsals, master classes and video-taped lessons certainly play a significant role in the students’ learning process. Besides, such events create a family spirit that makes all the difference. Miriam is certainly a different person thanks to Angela Chan and Lambda. Not only did she win first and second prizes in the Quebec-Ontario 2013 competition, she also became interested in different forms of art. In a month, she will be twelve and she is already volunteering at Lambda’s summer camp, another top notch activity Lambda offers. That is the kind of miracle Angela and her whole team make. Like any mom, I think that my daughter is special but Angela definitely helped make her even more special. Miriam wants to be a neurologist who uses music to cure people. That certainly excites her mom who wishes that this is yet one more founded decision like her decision to learn to play the piano.

~ Ahlem Amar ~


As parents, we would like not only to equip our children to play a musical instrument, but also to enjoy the beauty of music that can enrich their lives. We have no regrets registering our 7-year-old daughter for piano lessons at Lambda School of Music. The environment is elegant and warm. The teacher patiently and creatively guides her to achieve the techniques required as well as to enjoy the pieces. Master classes are amazing to cultivate her musicality to a deeper level. Our daughter joins Lambda for 8 months. She enjoys learning and practicing her music. We are very happy to be part of the “Lambda community”. Thank you!

~ A and T Ngai ~



It is truly amazing to compare and see the effect that your teaching methods have had.   Sarah has acquired not simply technique but also is inspired to interpret the music.  It is all the more impressive when one realizes that she can pace her playing and place emphasis in her playing, at an age where she is just beginning to learn to master the concept of fractions.  Sarah is truly a reflection of your effort and direction. and she is blessed for that.

~ S.O.~


My son started his first piano lesson at a local community music school in Laval towards the end of 2011. He took two months of lessons there which was fun and basically that's all. Everything is changed after once we attended a student concert at Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts. I was indeed highly impressed when I saw so many talented students performing such beautiful and exciting pieces. I just wanted my son be a part of them. We switched to Lambda without a second thought and until now this is one of my best decisions ever.

The facilities at Lambda did not even cross my mind when I was making my decision, even though it is obviously orders of magnitude better than any music schools I have ever visited. My major concern is that my son under good hands, and Lambda is the one. The director, Dr. Angela Chan arranged to have a young teacher Steven Tam to teach my son according his level, and my son just loves his lessons with him every week since he is so patient and inspiring. The achievements in every lesson make my son feel like a superhero, yet most important, he is meticulous in teaching all the foundation of techniques and music feeling.

As I discover more about Lambda, I am no longer surprised by the fact that so many outstanding students flourished there, since Lambda has a number of great teachers who are young but experienced and enthusiastic who are under the same effective teaching system to ensure the quality of lessons. My son studies with Steven Tam and he also takes master classes with Dr. Angela Chan, the best piano professor I ever known. This process of working with a main teacher and a master teacher indeed inspires students and brings them up to the highest level.

One week ago, my son attended the 2013 Quebec Ontario Young Musicians Festival Competition and he won first place in all 3 categories he participated in. The other dozen students from Lambda also won first prizes and major prizes in the competition. I am sure in the near future world-class pianists will be rising from Lambda. I am really proud that my son is among them.

~ Y. Wang & Z. Liu ~


It has been four years since my daughter Stephanie started her flute lessons at Lambda and it has been a rewarding experience for her from the beginning. Her flute instructor, Sylvia Niedzwiecka, is a dedicated teacher whose love for educating music is an inspiration to her students. Sylvia has not only taught my daughter how to play the flute, but how to appreciate music itself in order to develop her own talent. My daughter has learned the value of observing and listening to artists play music so that it inspires her during her own performances.

As a music school, Lambda has a nurturing and family-like atmosphere that makes students and parents feel at ease. Students of Lambda benefit from learning music from instructors who are active in the music industry and who can share their own experiences with them. The school’s director, Dr. Angela Chan, is a hard-working professional who is always willing to offer encouragement and feedback to each student on how to achieve the best performance possible.

My daughter, like many other Lambda students, has progressed and accomplished so much during her music studies at this school. She has participated in many concerts within and outside Lambda. She has also participated in music competitions in which she has received recognition and won awards in both solo and ensemble categories.

I congratulate Angela, Sylvia and the faculty of Lambda on creating a positive learning environment in which students can develop their artistic abilities and where their talents can flourish.

~ Karen S. ~


We are so lucky to have Dr. Angela Chan to teach my daughter (Amy) piano lessons. Amy has been improving her piano performance skills tremendously since studying with Dr. Angela, who always encourages and inspires her. Thanks to Angela, she has the momentum and enthusiasm for piano.

~ T. Huang & C. Lin ~



Testimonials from parents in response to our Summer Camps

"Wow! That is amazing. Firstly thank you for sharing the videos. It’s the first time I get a line of sight into what she is doing during the day: )  I’m really hoping that she finds a tool that she is passionate about driving her musicality forward. The Cello is beautiful and it’s so exciting to see her drawn to it. This is very exciting!!!"  From  T. K.

"Thank you for your information we are truly pleased how professional you are with regards to our child Sebastian."  From B.P.

"Receiving these videos throughout the day is SO WONDERFUL. Thank you!!!!" From S.G.

"Please note, that I am extremely pleased with the summer camp and believe Lambda has developed a very successful program for our youth." B.Z.




I have been studying piano performance with Dr. Angela Chan, founder and director of the Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts, after having completed my undergraduate studies in music and working as a piano teacher.  I came to the first piano lesson with Dr. Chan with many unsolved technical problems on my piano playing, and I was amazed by her way of teaching that I had never experienced before: her meticulous attention to how body movements related to piano playing in both technical and musical aspects.  It has greatly inspired me and fundamentally improved my pianistic skills and musical expressiveness. Besides, her passion for music, her enthusiasm for teaching and her kindness to students have also deeply influenced and inspired my own teaching.

Being one of the students in Lambda, I have had many opportunities to attend master classes and piano pedagogy workshops conducted by various outstanding world class concert artists and piano pedagogues as well as by both directors of Lambda.  I think that such experiences are very invaluable, beneficial and essential in developing one’s artistry and pedagogical skills.  Lambda is an institute that provides such unique experiences that may not be often accessible when studying with a private music teacher. I find myself very fortunate to have been studying in Lambda.
~ Serena Leung ~


Having taught piano to people aged two to eighty for over twenty years, I am always looking for ways to be a more effective pedagogue. I have attended many Lambda workshops given by the top experts in various fields involved in piano interpretation and performance. The lecturers are cutting-edge in their knowledge and approach. The workshops are very intimate and always inspiring. Dr. Chan, the co-founder of Lambda, has multiple doctorates: one in piano pedagogy, one in psychology and one in piano performance. She sets the tone and approach for the workshops. We cover such diverse topics as: 1. What is piano technique? 2. Developing musicianship, 3. How to overcome piano performance anxiety, 4. How to develop critical listening, 5. How to develop a wise ear, 6. Using UTube to study world class experts’ different approaches to teaching musicality. I am greatly indebted to Lambda for enabling me to be a more insightful and effective piano teacher.

~ Marilyn Cooperman ~



I feel fortunate to have Lambda’s piano pedagogy workshops to attend, which I have been attending regularly since Lambda opened in 2008. Not only are they well presented, informative and inspiring, they also offer a feeling of community in an often isolated profession. The workshops cover a wide variety of topics and I particularly like that I can make requests of topics for future pedagogy workshops to address my personal interests and needs.

The atmosphere is friendly and professional providing a place where fellow teachers can explore and share various pedagogical issues once the main topic has been presented. This has helped me directly with my teaching and preparation for my Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Pedagogy exams. When issues arise with my students that I do not know or am unsure of how to address I can bring them to the workshops and we discuss possible solutions.

My master classes with Dr. Angela Chan were essential to my final preparations for my RCM Elementary Piano Pedagogy exam. She is insightful, eloquently spoken, and very knowledgeable. An experienced performer and pedagogue, Dr. Chan is both able and willing to transfer her skills and knowledge to others. Her passion and energy is contagious and her analysis of pieces is insightful and refreshing. I am very grateful to be able to study with Dr. Angela Chan.

I look forward to attending future pedagogy workshops and master classes.

~ Sylvia H. Orthwein  2011 Gold Medal Winner RCM Elementary Piano Pedagogy Certificate in Quebec ~






"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful summer camp. The school is beautiful, and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her 4 weeks at Lambda. We will definitely be registering for the fall classes." M.K.


"I am truly impressed by how the events are organized at Lambda. The teachers and staff are very professional and caring. I am really glad that I enrolled my children in the camp." J.T.


"This is an amazing school! The teachers and staff are exceptional. They sparked my son's interest in music and painting." L.S.


"My daughter loves every discipline of the arts, including playing musical instruments (piano and violin), singing, dancing, acting, painting, and so on. I was looking for a summer day camp which could cover all her interests and with a high quality of teaching. And I found by chance Lambda on the internet. As soon as I contacted the school, Lambda replied me so quickly and gently and gave me enough information and confidence to send my daughter to the school. And from the very first day of her summer day camp, my daughter loved the school and every subject she did at school. The curriculum was so rich on every artistic discipline that  students are continuously inspired. Teachers are very professional and of course kind and patient to students. The school building is new, clean and spacious and my daughter says she could really be relaxed. We live a bit far from the school, but every time I asked her if she wants to continue to go, she always reply, "Yes, sure!". She really loves the school and that's the reason why she continues now to take lessons of musical theatre at Lambda even after the last summer day camp. For children, if learning is at the same time fun and enjoyable -  it's the best school. And for parents, if their children enjoy learning and playing with a big smile, it's also the best school. That's why I can say Lambda is the best place to go during the summer!". N.F.



~ Bo Huang ~






Testimonials from Dr. David O'Hashi

Hello Angela : The performances by the three pianists was proof of your unique teaching skills over the years. May I congratulate you on the consistent success achieved by so many of your students, too numerous to name, but visible on the website.

Also through your words on the written page, so many other musical teachers in academia and private schools have access and the advantage of learning from your experience.  It was interesting to learn that these students develop and strengthen many higher mental capabilities as mentioned in the article in 'Music Matters Newsletter.' Finally, thank you for the photos with your prize- winning students.    

David O'Hashi


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