West Island Events March Break 2013 Day Camp Ages 4 to 13

There are many organizations that offer March Break ativities and Spring Break Camps in Montreal. At Lambda, West Island we offer March Break Camp - teaching children music and arts in our spring break camp 2013.  Come join us! Our camp received rave reviews from our clients.


2015 Spring Break Camp / March Break Day Camp and Summer Day Camp in Music and Arts for children

in West Island of Montreal, LAMBDA

Age Range: 4.5 years and up

Fun spring break camps for kids, learn music and arts at our March break camp 2013.

Tired of sending your kids to hockey or gym? Consider introducing them to music and arts... No more broken bones or twisted joints. Guaranteed safe and educational.


Consider Spring Break Day Camps and Summer Day Camps at LAMBDA - when the quality of education and experience really matters!




* Summer camp extended day care fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE - At the end of the year, a receipt can be provided to parents for tax deduction purposes for both spring break and summer camp participants. Exact amount of tax deduction is dependent upon individual circumstances.




(1) TAX DEDUCTIBLE - RL24 form will be provided to parents for day care fees for tax deduction purposes upon request

(2) Artistic Profile Assessment to identify your child's artistic interests and proclivities by our team of education experts

(3) Parents of campers who subscribe to our video notification program will receive video clips of their children while they are at the camp. Parent can have a peace of mind, while also being kept abreast of their child's experience at camp.

(4) Due to our small group sizes, we pay personalized attention to each of our campers. Our attention to details exceeds the expectations of parents.


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