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Parental Resource: How to find the best summer day camp in Montreal for your child for this summer? Montreal Summer Day Camp Harp lessons LAMBDA Montreal West Island Quebec

While children are off school in the summer months, many Montreal parents still continue to work. However, it is important to offer children educating and interesting activities while continuing to inspire them and provide kids with an education during the summer months. Summer months are the best times for children to learn music and fine arts in Montreal. During the summer, children are not overwhelmed with homework, and they can dedicate more time to explore, learn and practice their newly acquired musical skills. During the summer months, in the evening - there are addition musical activities to explore, including the Montreal Jazz Festival.

It seems like a daunting task to find the most suitable summer day camp for your child though. As you surf the internet, open up an parenting magazine - parents are inundated with advertisements of outdoor camps of sports and adventure such as rock climbing, swimming, Tai Kwon Do, Martial Arts. For children who are more quiet, introspective and reserved kids, they tend to love something that enables them to expressive themselves artistically, when imbued with lots of fun. There are also many music camps in Quebec, however they are located in remote regions such as Lanaudiere. For parents who wish to subscribe their children to a high quality and indoors summer music and fine arts day camp, the choices seem rather limited.


Are you in search of an indoor and safe summer day camp in music and arts for your children in Montreal? There are infinite choices out there - yet how can we ensure that our children receive the best quality of education, care, while having fun in the safest environment? Summer is an important time for children to relax, yet continue to learn, make friends and establish happy memories.


Here are a few tips that are useful for parents to consider when choosing a Montreal summer day camp in music and fine arts: Montreal Summer Day Camp for children LAMBDA Musical Theatre Program Montreal West Island Quebec


For parents to ensure that our children are safe, it is important to check with camp directors to see if the following basic criteria are met:

(1) The children will be in a safe environment. Indoor camps are generally more safe than outdoor ones. Whether there are security cameras installed on premise, and if they can receive instant notification should their children have special needs.

(2) Are children comfortable and having fun while learning and acquiring interesting and mind broadening experiences?

(3) Are camp instructors qualified professionals who are passionate about sharing their art with young learners? Children are highly impressionable, hence it is important that the first experience towards a discipline is a positive one. It is therefore important for educators to create a level of interest and fascination in the area of expertise through their artistic skills, involvement and their respect for children.

(4) How is the campus equipped? Do they offer good quality instruction? What are the credentials of the teachers? What is the condition of the musical instruments? Watching a concert pianist perform and explain to them the mechanism of the piano is a very inspiring experience for young children, whether they are pure beginners or had some prior experience in piano. Learning a new piece on a brand new grand piano is very inspiring, and the experience is certainly very different from learning on an old beaten up 80-year old upright piano in a small piano instruction module. Verify with the summer day camp directors to see the venue, and also verify the credentials of the teachers.

(5) Are snacks and lunch included? And are foods nut-free and clean? Day camps that provide food services saves time for parents in packing lunch. High quality day camps also offer parents a level of confidence that foods their children consume are allergy free and of high quality.

(6) What is the camp counsellor to student ratio? In some outdoor camps, the counsellor to student ratio can reach 1 to 20. At certain schools, the ratio can be as low as  1 to 3.5 - which means that each child receives specific care and attention.

SUMMER DAY CAMP IN MUSIC AND FINE ARTS FOR KIDS at LAMBDA SCHOOL (For ages 5 to 13)  Montreal Summer Day Camp for kids LAMBDA Dance Lessons Summer Camp West Island Montreal Quebec

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts offers as series of Montreal summer day camps including the Music and Fine Arts day camp - which offers an array of music and artistic disciplines including introduction to various musical instruments such as group piano, violin, guitar, flute, accordion, choir, saxophone, clarinet and even the harp!

In addition, Lambda will also offer Broadway Musical Theatre classes, singing, choir, dance, painting, drawing, origami, culinary arts, digital photography, videography, arts and crafts, yoga, and a number of fun games for children.

Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts also offers the lunch option. Parents can choose to subscribe to the 100% nut free lunch option, or to bring in their children's favorite foods.  

Campers are safe. They stay indoors, however they are provided with ample space to exercise, learn and have fun. The entire campus is fully monitored by a central security system with multiple security cameras. Entry and exit of guests are tracked. Parents and guardians are required in and out with their children.

Camp counsellors to student ratio is particularly high. For our summer day camps, the camp counsellor to student ratio is exceptionally high (approximately 1 camp counsellor to 3 campers)




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* Summer camp extended day care fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE - At the end of the year, a receipt can be provided to parents for tax deduction purposes for both spring break and summer camp participants. Exact amount of tax deduction is dependent upon individual circumstances.


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