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Violin Program  - Beginner

Instructor:  Prof. Gregor Monlun

All ages

The program for beginner violinists aged 6-10 years. Students cultivate discipline and they develop an ear for musical tones. Basic concepts of music theory are exciting and fun to learn through various activities and intellectual games for the children, which also allows them to learn by observing one another’s progress.




Violin Program - Intermediate

Instructors: Prof. Gregor Monlun

The violin program is designed to ensure that beginner students start with a strong basic foundation of good posture and correct hold of the instrument in order to progress. They later explore accuracy of intonation (pitch), precise control of rhythm and the beauty of tone production.



Violin Program (Advanced: Private Instruction)

Instructors: Prof. Alexandre da Costa

Course Level: Advanced

Ages: 12 years and above


This program is for students aiming to pursue violin as a potential career goal - as soloist, chamber or orchestral player. The pre-requisite for this course is a solid technical background, a strong commitment to dedicated and intensive practice, and a keen interest in the pursuit of excellence in violin performance.


Refinement of the technical skills

- The development of using personal musical style

- Attainment of tension-free or ''natural'' violin performances

Development of a strong sense of stage presence


Students may choose to prepare for the ARCT and LRCT Performer's or Teacher's ARCT diploma of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

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