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Montreal Piano Teacher offering Unique Private Piano Lessons at Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts - the one and only music school in Montreal that offers a Fast-tracking music program for piano students - great opportunity to study with world class piano teachers and concert artists

Lambda Piano Fast Tracking program West Island MontrealBACKGROUND: 

The concept of the early high achiever (often times labelled as prodigy) has been prevalent since the times of Bach and Mozart. Walfgang Amadeus Mozart is not a born genious, without a father who serves as his teacher and promoter, Mozart would not have established his fame in musical history. J.S. Bach was also from a family of musicians. Music was part and parcel of life. J.S. Bach's father was the director of the town's musicians, and all his uncles were professional musicians. Bach's father taught him violin and harpsichord, while his brother J.C. Bach taught him clavichord a d exposed him to contemporary music.


Want to achieve rapid musical progress for your child?


The Lambda Fast-Tracking Program

Lambda School Piano Fast Tracking programThe phenomenon of musical prodigies is not something that occurs purely by chance. There is a lot that can be accomplished given the right situations - including interest and motivation in the young learner, positive involvement and support in parents, methodical and efficient teaching, a training environment that is conducive to exponential progress, and performance situations that enable the young performer to develop confidence and achieve sense of success.

The fast-tracking program at Lambda offers the young student a complete musical training program in theory and performance - so that they can develop technique, co-ordination, musicianship, artistry, performance experience through intensive instruction in an environment with a positive and healthy attitude. Progress is continuously monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure that the child's potential is realized optimally.

Prospective students will be be auditioned and interviewed, and thereafter, matched with a master piano teacher who is experienced in grooming young pianists to concert levels.



Watch the progress of our Fast-tracking student Sarah Oulousian - Extraordinary progress within JUST 19 MONTHS!

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Sarah Oulousian won the following competitions in 2011 (After 11 months of study)

QMEA 2011 Festival - First Prize

Festivale Jeunesse (Quebec Ontario Competition) - Grand first prize - Most Promising Performer

Crescendo International Music Competition 2012 - First Prize

7 year old Diane Liu (1.5 years of instruction). From pure beginner to CMC prize winner in 18 months. Extraordinary progress within JUST 18 MONTHS!

Witnessing the growth and musical development of our little ones is the greatest joys of teaching... This time lapse video shows from total novice to young pianist (Acknowlegment: Time lapse video by Yiming Chen)

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Diane Liu: First Place Winner (7 year old category) Crescendo International Competition - invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in January 2015 First Prize Winner at Lanaudiere Competition with Special Mention Second Prize Winner at National Finals of 2015 CMC Canadian Music Competition in Vancouver (7 year old category)

11-year-old Emily Oulousian rehearsing Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 12 in D sharp minor at Lambda Concert Hall in preparation for Music Competition in June 2012

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