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2016 Montreal West Island Oil Painting Classes (2016 Winter Semester)

by Prof. Jacinta Ionno

Winter Oil Painting Classes starting January 2016


Option 1: Saturdays  1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Option 2: Saturdays  3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Call us at (514) 684-7154 to reserve your spot!

Description of Oil Painting Program by Prof Jacinta Ionno:

This program introduces drawing and painting skills to the young artist. Students will learn colour theory, composition and painting, which will enable students to develop a visual language.

Students will acquire skills in the areas of:

- Landscape

- Still life

- Flowers

- Seascape

Oil painting classes are suitable for students 6 years of age and above (including teens and adults).
Description of Watercolor, Acrylic Painting, Pastel and Pencil Drawing by Prof. Lise Pigeon:  

These lessons will offer  avenues to students wishing to develop their artistic skills.They will learn basic pencil drawing and watercolour techniques adapted to their capacities.

In this learning  experience, the sudents will explore and exploit shapes, forms and lines. They will learn about color theory, space organisation on paper, composition, light and shadows.

Different themes will be proposed and provided such as landscape, seascape, still life, animals, flowers and characters.

The drawing and painting exercises  give the students  tools  allowing them to create and produce beautiful art works.

Furthermore, this artistic experience will enrich their observation skills , improve their concentration and self-assurance .


Course Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Instructor: Jacinta Ionno

Medium: Oil painting, Water Colors, Pencil Drawing

It uses modern technologies in the making of art, such as digital photography, to help students learn to transform their images from their imagination to realizations.

Students will paint special topics of their choice.



Watch a video of our painting classes

Oil Paintings of Lambda Students 2008-2009

 Lambda 2012-2013 student paintings



2015 Oil Paintings


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