Happy Campers! Choose the best summer day camp for your kid at LAMBDA Music & Fine Arts Camp

Want to make your child a happy camper this summer? How to find the most fun and educational activities for your 4 to 14 year old all at once, while having the peace of mind that they are learning and enjoying the summer in a safe environment? Lambda's music and fine arts summer day camp offers the best of two worlds. Children stay indoors (without parents having to worry about them getting sunburnt), while learning to play musical instruments, dance, sing, draw, paint, take digital photography and videography, cook, do yoga, arts and crafts and more...

Our Montreal Lambda Summer Day Camp in Music and Fine Arts starts in three weeks! Why not register your child for a summer of fun indoor activities of music and fine arts? Widen their interests, while staying cool indoors...

How do you find a fun, safe and educational Montreal Day Camp for your child this summer? Come visit LAMBDA School of Music and Fine Arts. Let Lambda introduce your child to the world of music and arts!

We can provide your child with a unique, high quality and a truly unforgettable Montreal Summer Camp experience - of learning, friendship and creativity!

For a guided visit of our school or register for our Montreal Day camps - call us now at (514) 684-7154  or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


* Summer camp extended day care fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE - At the end of the year, a receipt can be provided to parents for tax deduction purposes for both spring break and summer camp participants. Exact amount of tax deduction is dependent upon individual circumstances.



TestimonialLambda Summer Day Camp in Music and Arts in Montreal West Islands from parents of our Montreal Summer Campers:


"Your summer camp is the best! Both my daughters had so much fun last year and they are coming back to LAMBDA again this year."



"My daughter is very happy to come back to your summer camp... Thank you for everything! For my daughter, Lambda is the best summer camp! Congratulations!"

A. Neacsu

"My son loves your summer camp and insists to come back to Lambda again this year... He is also looking forward to Luigi's fine cuisine... "



Lambda has been offering unique themed music and fine arts camps in Montreal since 2008, in its high-end and state-of-the-art venue. Due to the outstanding quality of our camps, there is a high student return registration every year (including international students).




Students experience a variety of music and fine arts activities during the summer camp. Subjects that a child will typically experience on a weekly basis including:


Group piano lessons, introduction to other musical instruments including violin, guitar, cello, trumpet, harp, flute, harmonica, accordian, percussion instruments and more). Children will also learn to sing in choir activities, learn about song-writing, dance, draw and paint, participate in musical theatre, create their own skits, photography, videography, cooking, and yoga.


This year, we also have special artistic projects  aimed at promoting creativity and personal development (where elements such as friendship, patience and kindness towards others) will be promoted.


On a daily basis, students will experience 4 different music and fine arts activities. This encourages diversity, as well as promotes interest in learning.



Our summer day camps offer outstanding music and fine arts activities for children aged from 5 to 14. Courses are delivered by professionals, and classes are being assisted with experienced camp counsellors who speak both fluent English and French. All of our camp counsellors speak a third language (including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and German).

Our summer camp counsellor to student ratio is optimally established (1 camp counsellor for every 4 children) so that campers get personalized attention throughout the summer camp.



The aim of our summer day camps at LAMBDA is to fun while building positivie memories, learning about music and arts, and cultivating friendship in a safe learning environment.




Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts takes pride in offering high quality spring break day camps and summer day camps to students worldwide. We have received registrations from other provinces within Canada, and from countries including US, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, Tunisia, U.K., United Arabic Emirates and other countries in the past few years.

The returning rate of our students are phenomenally high. Parents are happy to re-register their children at our LAMBDA Summer Day Camps as they feel their kids derive not only fun-filled quality education throughout the summer, also that their expectations have always been exceeded by the quality and care Lambda offers to our campers.



Parents also have a peace of mind that their children are safe and in good hands - since LAMBDA has high security control and with our indoor air-conditioned facilities, children are protected from the elements during the hot summer months.


To watch a video of our previous music and fine arts summer day camps

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