Montreal High Quality Indoor Summer Day Camp - 2012 Music and Fine Arts Summer Day Camp LAMBDA

High Quality Indoor Summer Day Camp in Music and Fine Arts for children in West Island of Montreal at LAMBDA School of Music and Fine Arts

2012 Summer Day Camp in West Island of Montreal, LAMBDA School of Music and Fine Arts

Lambda School Summer Day Camp Montreal West Island QuebecOur day camps are intended for children aged 4.5 years old and above. Students will be exposed to an array of music and fine arts subjects including musical instrument instruction and exploration (piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, cello, flute, harp, percussion instruments), drawing, painting, photography, videography, cooking, arts and crafts, yoga, dance, musical theatre, and more...

Serving locations of the West Island, Montreal and outskirts of Montreal and Quebec. Due to the quality of our camps, we have students joining us from all over the world, including US, Europe, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Tunisia, U.K., United Arabic Emirates and other countries in the past few years.

The returning rate of our students are phenomenally high. Parents are very happy to re-register their children at our LAMBDA Summer Day Camps as they feel their kids derive not only fun-filled quality education throughout the summer, also that their expectations have always been exceeded by the quality and care Lambda offers to our campers.


* Special features and Benefits of enrolling your child for the LAMBDA 2015 Music and Fine Arts Summer Day Camp:

(1) Tuition fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE - A receipt will be provided to parents for tax deduction purposes upon request

(2) FREE Artistic Profile Assessment to identify your child's artistic interests and abilities by our team of education experts

(3) Parents of campers who subscribe to our video notification program will receive video clips of their children while they are at the camp. Parent can have a peace of mind, while also being kept abreast of their child's experience at camp.

Let your child explore and enjoy music and arts this summer!


Tel (514) 684-7154        Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To watch a video of our previous summer camps and spring break day camps at LAMBDA

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Early Bird Special  *30% OFF TUITION until 28 February 2016 (In person registration ONLY)



* Summer camp extended day care fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE - At the end of the year, a receipt can be provided to parents for tax deduction purposes for both spring break and summer camp participants. Exact amount of tax deduction is dependent upon individual circumstances.




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