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Looking for a music school in the West Island of Montreal to learn piano, violin, guitar, singing, flute, harp, clarinet, saxophone, music theory, piano pedagogy, painting, drawing, photography, videography and more?

Are we the right West Island music and fine arts school in Montreal for you?



Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts is the most elaborately equipped, and largest private music school in Pierrefonds, West Island of Montreal, Quebec.  

While you are researching the best school for yourself or your child, please consider the benefits of becoming a LAMBDA student and find out why we are Montreal, Quebec's number one choice for music and fine arts lessons.


14 benefits of becoming a LAMBDA student

1. Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Cello, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Harp, Music Theory, Piano Pedagogy Training, Photography, Videography, Drawing and Painting all in one location
This saves our students time and money as one family can sign up for lessons on multiple instruments and art classes on the same day. We also offer a wide selection of instruments where students can receive their musical and artistic training. We offer lessons in Piano, Jazz Piano, Pop Piano, Classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice (singing), violin, flute, cello, clarinet, saxophone, harp to students of all ages and levels in Montreal, Quebec.


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2. The most qualified and outstanding teaching faculty in West Island, Montreal, Quebec.
We have over 30 professors,  mostly internationally renowned concert professionals and pedagogues with postgraduate academic training. Most of our professors have doctoral degrees and master degrees in music performance, education and pedagogy, as well as are accomplished concert artists who have won major international competitions. Our professors are also experienced RCM examiners who are familiar with the RCM system, and are able to effectively coach students to perform optimally for RCM music examinations.

Our music teachers are committed to understanding your personal musical goals and assisting you in achieving them. With outstanding and devoted music teachers for piano, jazz piano, pop piano, violin, cello, guitar, voice, violin, flute, harp, music theory, piano pedagogy training, we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are friendly and are methodical in teaching you the style of music that you wish to learn.

3. The widest range of lesson times available

We are open 7 days a week. Lesson times can be scheduled based on mutual availability between teacher and student.

Everyday we are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

4. Convenient Location - located at the intersection of Pierrefonds and Des Sources Boulevard, in the West Island of Montreal
Due to its convenient location, our school is convenient to most areas of Montreal, Quebec. We are within walking distance by STCUM Train, bus and within short driving distance from downtown. Close to our school, you’ll find great shopping and dining as well.
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5. Frequent performance opportunities - recitals, concerts, recordings
Every June and December, our students have the option of performing in our recitals. Performance in these recitals are not obligatory.  For serious students, they have frequent performances (once or twice a month performances). These open rehearsals allow them to test their repertoire and also develop familiarity with stage performance. We are proud to provide the environment so that our "Lambda students literally grow up on the stage..."
Visit our video page to view our performances

6. Professionally equipped facilities and teaching studios
Our rooms are stocked with everything you need for lessons, including a fully size 100 leather seat concert hall, concert grand pianos, a fully equipped 12+1 digital piano lab, professional HD video cameras, mixers, high definition audio recordings, state-of-the-art Macintosh computers, music library of over 2000 books and CDs, various sizes of violins and guitars, an array of musical instruments, Finale software stations, dance hall, overhead video projectors with automatic descending screens, soundproofing, and teaching rooms with observation windows.

7. Spa-like, beautifully appointed waiting lounge for parents
Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, spa-like waiting room  with comfortable leather sofas, free Wi-Fi, magazines, and ambient music. We also provide large observation windows on every door so that you can observe your child’s lesson. If you prefer, parents are welcome to sit in the lesson.

8. Professional reception staff 7 days a week
Our friendly staff will assist our clients with any questions regarding scheduling and registration.

9. A proven track record of excellence in West Island of Montreal.
Our school, has a proven track record of offering quality music lessons. Our young music students have won major international competitions, garnered major prizes in international, national and provincial competitions, and have performed at major concert venues like Carnegie Hall.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Any discerning parent will immediately identify quality. In this instance, we would request you to view our videos and compare the quality of performance of our students with those of other schools. LAMBDA is an institution of quality - we inspire students of all levels, from amateurs to serious students who aim for a professional career to achieve a level of excellence - to deliver their personal best through the highest quality of instruction.

From the videos, you can see that our students are fully immersed in the music and truly enjoy the experience. Music is expressed from the heart with passion and involvement, irrespective of age and level.

Visit our video page to watch our performances

10. *Student profile assessment - unique patented feature of Lambda School

To ensure that a student derives maximal benefit from their arts / music education, LAMBDA not only provides a wide array of choices for them. Through our day camps (spring break, March Break, Summer Day camps), we provide learners the experience of an array of music and fine arts activities, through which they can explore and discover their favorite discipline. Through careful observation, our staff will be able to construct a profile of each student - thereby notifying parents of their specific interests, and areas in which the child excels at. In so doing, we are able to identify their specific interests and provide opportunities of further development.


11. *A music school directed by professional pedagogues (university professors), internationally renowned concert artists, and academic scholars with doctoral degrees in music, education and psychology.

Most music schools are often directed and operated by one person. Credentials of directors are often limited to a musical degree at a bachelor's level. Knowing how to play music at a bachelor's level is unrelated to how well one is capable of inspiring a young learner. Rather, a panel of scholars with the prerequisite skills, techniques, merged with an intense passion to help maximize the students' potential will bring out not only the artistic best, but the personal best of the learner through the learning process.


12.  * We are the truly leading edge innovators of music schools and originators of important pedagogical concepts

Ever since the establishment of Lambda, a large number of music schools have revamped their website and added descriptions that appear similar to our content. For instance, prior to 2008 (before the establishment of Lambda), the word "piano pedagogues" has rarely been used. However, after the launching of our website, a number of websites start to use terminologies such as "piano pedagogues" to refer to their piano teachers. There is a major difference between a piano pedagogue and piano teacher. A piano pedagogue is someone who is aware of the global context pertaining to the musical development of the individual, rather than impart content per se (as described by the term "piano teacher").

Besides the mushrooming of remarkably similar terminologies, the appearances of a number of website of music schools also being revamped to look remarkably similar to our website. Many also start to offer music and fine art day camps, spring break music and arts day camps with similar structure as our school.

It is flattering to see other schools gradually assuming our model of operation and web site structure and appearances. However, there are certain aspects that are not possible to be imitated - this is quality, and the depth of understanding of music, arts and the spirit of devotion to pedagogy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Any discerning parent will immediately identify quality. In this instance, we would request you to view our videos and compare the quality of performance of our students with those of other schools. LAMBDA is an institution of quality - we inspire students of all levels, from amateurs to serious students who aim for a professional career to achieve a level of excellence - to deliver their personal best through the highest quality of instruction.

In this case, Lambda takes great pride in being the cutting-edge leader of the music school business in Montreal, and continue to serves as the role model of many other music and art schools.

In this regard, we continue to excel by bringing our students more diversity in disciplines we offer. In so doing, we offer photography and videography - to enrich their realm of artistic expression. In our Lambda method, which we developed and apply in teaching students of all ages and levels, we broaden their scope of artistic understanding through a wide array of disciplines.


13. * We are truly affiliated with the RCM Examinations

Recently, there has been some websites of music schools who post up the RCM Logo on their website, indicating that they are "affiliated" with RCM since they offer programs that prepare students for RCM examinations. The truth is that - this is NOT real affiliation with RCM. Anyone can send their children to RCM examinations, including parents. There is no pre-requisite credential necessary for submitting candidates for RCM examinations. Candidates can submit themselves for RCM Examinations.  Hence,  advertising that one teaches an RCM program, or that they submit students for RCM examinations as RCM affiliation is entirely misleading, and is false advertisement.

LAMBDA is truly affiliated with the RCM in the sense that LAMBDA is the official RCM examination center for the West Island. Also, LAMBDA is the official venue where RCM chooses to host its RCM Examiners' Professional Development Workshops, and Professional Development Workshops for studio teachers - where master teachers and administrative staff from RCM flies in from Toronto to LAMBDA for the event.


14. We offer professional development workshop for music teachers

Many experienced private music teachers and music teachers from other major music schools from Montreal attend LAMBDA's teacher training programs and professional development workshops to recharge their musical batteries. We provide a forum for artistic inspiration at a high level, and continue help the community maintain a high level of enthusiasm towards continuing educational.


Lessons are first come, first serve so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!



More questions... 


Selected questions and answers will be published periodically so check this column often, and send your questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How does one choose a Music and Fine Arts School?  How is Lambda different from all the other "music schools, academies or conservatories" out there?

There are numerous private music schools in town  (generally known as music academies, conservatories, music schools or  studios), and new ones continuously mushrooming in the city. Bombarded with countless choices, how does one distinguish a truly reputable school that offers quality and care from all the others?

Lambda is a school comprising of a team of high calibre and seasoned professionals who deeply care about the progress and well being of each and every student. For this reason, we proudly distinguish ourselves from other musical institutions in town.

First and foremost,  Lambda takes pride in the quality of our team. Our panel of professors and artist teachers are truly reputable in the musical arena at an international level, comprising of distinguished concert artists and pedagogues with post-graduate degrees in education and psychology.  All Lambda professors are not only highly experienced in teaching, but they are also passionate about sharing their art with learners of all ages and levels. Our professors (in the truest sense) offer an education to learners through inspiration and hands on teaching. For this reason, we proudly feature the credentials and accomplishments of our faculty, artists-in-residence and staff on our website. Lambda does not obscure the identities of our faculty and staff. The selection of faculty members is based on a highly stringent process that balances artistry, personality, experience, insight and dedication towards education.

Lambda recognizes that the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Our professors work as a synergistic team to groom our students. One unique feature of Lambda is that, our students have the opportunity to study with more than one professor.  Students also have frequent performance opportunities for other professors - thereby enabling them to test-run their works in progress, and to derive feedback from a variety of perspectives. Lambda is a place for cultural immersion and artistic growth. As it has often been said that "it takes a village to raise a child". Lambda provides a "village" of experts (artists and educators)  to foster the potential of each and every one of our students, adult or child.

Lambda is not a referral service that registers students and sends them to study privately with independently contracted music teachers. We believe that offering students the opportunity to rub shoulders with artist teachers on a frequent basis is highly important. Lambda provides a supportive infrastructure that enables a balanced artistic and personal development.

Our campus is unparalleled in terms of its comfort, safety, sophistication in equipment and aesthetic design. We believe that through immersing in an artistically inspiring environment, one can truly experience the joy of living through the arts at a visceral level.

At Lambda, our mission is to educate. Not only do we take pride in educating our students in the arts, but we also help them excel and develop a sense of self.  We also work closely with parents to ensure that they are well-informed about their children's progress. In so doing, parents can maintain a supportive structure at home to sustain interest and maximize potential.



Is Lambda a private or public school? An elementary school or high school?


Lambda is a school for artistic development and refinement for learners of all ages. It offers programs in disciplines of music, fine arts and the sciences and technologies of the arts as well as enrichment programs for children and adults from beginner to performance artist level.

Lambda is a privately operated school and not under the umbrella of Quebec's board of education system. For this reason, we have full flexibility to develop unique programs that are tailored to our students' specific needs.

I'm curious, where does the name Lambda come from?

Lambda (uppercase '''Λ''', lowercase '''λ'') is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet which is used in Physics to denote wavelength. In the arts, we are all connected by the wavelength of sound (as in music) and the wavelength of light (colors in painting). LAMBDA is also the acronym for Learning of the Arts through the Mind and Body in the Discovery of Aesthetics (hence LAMBDA).


What is an Artist in Residence? You have so many of them listed on your web site.

An artist-in-residence is a visiting artist who participates in an organization’s program where one can stay and work “for art's sake”. At Lambda, the school offers performance and education related opportunities and conditions in its facility that nurtures creativity, an ideal setting for our panel of artists to collaborate in an interdisciplinary manner and interact with learners in the school.


How can I ensure that I am sending my child to a truly reputable music and fine arts school (as there seem to be so many out there)?

Lambda takes great pride in its faculty and artists in residence. Professors at Lambda are not only renowned and accomplished artists, but they have a passion in sharing their artistry with learners of all levels and ages. Each professor places genuine care and attention to each student with the aim of promoting the love for the arts, while nurturing artistic and personal growth.

We place great trust upon the integrity and competence of our professors, as we all work together to create a harmonious team to facilitate interdisciplinary learning. Lambda students receive continuous support from the entire network of professors, artists in residence, academic advisors and both directors.

For this reason, we do not obscure our professors' identities by listing only their first names, or simply by placing them under the general description as "professional and experienced teachers".

In the summer program, you offer a variety of disciplines, such as music, painting, musical theatre, dance, digital photography and culinary arts. Does my child get to focus on a selected discipline of choice?

In the summer program, children get the opportunity to sample all the disciplines offered at Lambda. This helps widen the learner's perspective in other areas of fine arts while helping them find a niche that they will particularly enjoy.

My daughter has already been taking 4 years of piano lessons independently with a private teacher. How will she integrate into your piano group classes in the summer program?

In our summer program, we attempt to group students according to age and musical experience. Your daughter's background in piano will facilitate her learning process in a group appropriate for her level. Lambda also offers a specialized program for students who already had previous experience in piano.


Do you conduct outdoor activities during summer camp?

All activities in the Lambda music and fine arts summer camp including lunch are conducted indoors in our climate controlled facility for reasons of safety and security.


I understand that Lambda launched a  Girls' make over camp in the summer of 2009. What is the purpose of it?

The purpose of the girls' make over camp is to help them develop confidence, become  aware of social etiquette (e.g. digital etiquette) and learn about style and aesthetics that is relevant to the 21st century. This can be a highly empowering experience. Hopefully they can transpose these experiences to academic or corporate settings  in the future. Through immersing in the camp experience, girls cultivate friendship in an encouraging atmosphere of cameraderie with other like-minded campers.

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