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West Island Piano Lessons LAMBDA School of Music and Fine Arts Piano Academy - Quality piano lessons from worldclass piano teachers in West Island Montreal Quebec


Montreal West island Lambda School offers private piano lessons and a variety of musical instruments including piano, violin, guitar, cello, flute, saxophone, clarinet, singing / voice, harp, music theory and music history, piano pedagogy training to music students.




Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts offers the benefit of offering high quality instruction in a learner friendly way - so that beginners of all ages and levels can enjoy the experience while achieving a level of technical and musical proficiency to play their favourite tunes.






For students who aim to take RCM music examinations (through which the student can earn equivalent credits in music for high school), Lambda School prepares students for RCM Examinations both in practical and theory. The success rate is 100%.





Efficient and effective musical training is known art, and the myth of the "musical prodigy" has been dispelled.  With the right blend of motivation, passion, dedication, family support, effective practice and quality teaching - students can be guided to achieve their full artistic potential within the shortest time span in our Lambda Fast Tracking program.



Parental resource:  Why is it so important to find a good piano teacher for my child for beginning piano lessons?  How to find the best piano teacher for my child?

Piano lessons West Island Music School LAMBDA School Montreal Quebec


QUESTION:  "If my young child is just going to learn piano as a beginner  why can't I just register her for a piano lesson at the local music store and see if she is interested before we decide if she is serious or is talented? Does it matter who she starts her lesson with? We don't need an expert such as a world renowned concert artist or a Ph.D. to teach a beginner?"

ANSWER:  There is some prevalent misunderstanding that anyone can teach piano. The truth is, the beginning is the most important. The first encounter with a musical instrument makes a deep impression and determines who motivated a student becomes. The foundation needs to be set right, so that progress becomes iminent. The danger of having a non-professional teacher teach a beginner student is that, bad habits can be acquired which will take many times to energy to rectify in the future. Also, experienced piano teachers are not just good pianists, but they have a deep understanding the psychology of education, and know how to optimize learning in the most effective and efficient manner. 

Here is an analogy: You can ask a high school student to teach a child at kindergarten basic counting. It appears to suffice. Indeed so, but this is more along the lines of baby sitting.  However in the hands of a passionate and experienced Piano Lessons West Island Montreal LAMBDA School Competition Winners 2011education, the kindergartener not only learn to count, but to develop an inner sense of numbers, and to love the experience of counting, and be able to apply this skill to daily living while enjoying it, and achieving a sense of success and pride in the activity.

Many students drop out of the music lessons, and the primary reason is that they either lost interest, or feel defeated. It is important for the teacher to continue to motivate the student. Having fun is good - but actual achievement keeps the passion and fire burning from the inner musician. It goes beyond playing all the notes - but be able to express the music, to enjoy it, and to share the passion with one's audience.

Finding the right teacher with professional and pedagogical experience predisposes a child to achieve his / her full potential.


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Please click here to watch 6-year-old student Sarah Oulousian from our Fast Tracking program after 19 months of study.

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Watch the Oulousian Duo (Emily and Sarah) in action - 2012 QMEA Competition  Gold Award  95% (Junior Ensemble)

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