Our classrooms at Lambda are constructed in a way that balances aesthetics and comfort with the infusion of state-of-the-art technology to inspire creativity. The entire premise is fully temperature and humidity controlled.

Group Piano Room

The group piano room comprises of 12 + 1 Yamaha Clavinovas. Students can practice with headphones while the teacher can monitor their performances through the master console. Students can be brought together in ensembles on the speakers as well. Teacher demonstration at the teacher's console can be clearly observed in real time on the 52 inch LCD monitor.


Painting Room

Our painting room is a bright, cosy and well ventilate classroom.  It comfortably accomodates 12 to 14 students at their easels working on oil painting and water colors.


Dance and Theatre Hall

The Lambda Dance & Theatre Hall is a 1500 square feet space, separable into two smaller spaces by a sound-proof partitioning. This is a completely sound proofed studio, with raised wood floors. It is equipped with high-fidelity audio gear, and an overhead project with an automatically descending projection screen. Students can dance to music videos.

String Ensemble Room

This classroom accomodates 30 students comfortably for ensemble, rehearsals, and group string lessons. Annexed to this room is our string teachers' office, which also serves as a storage room for spare stringed instruments. Our major string ensemble rehearsals and piano pedagogy workshops are held in this room.


Choir Room

This room is where our vocal training, small string ensembles and musical exploration classes take place.

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