A word from the Directors

Angela Chan and Wonny Song Angela Chan (Director) & Wonny Song (Associate Director)

On behalf of Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts, it is our pleasure to welcome you into our family.
We realized at a very young age that art is the most direct way to connect with people. It transcends all boundaries, and always promotes positive interactions and emotions. That is why we feel Lambda's mission of creative dialogue is so essential to the betterment of our community of West Island.

We are extremely proud of the level of our faculty. All of our students young and old will have the opportunity to rub shoulders on a daily basis with international-level artists and professors, and be inspired by their creativity and dedication to their art. Whether this education is serious or simply pleasure, this experience will be priceless.

Lambda is our brainchild. With great perseverance, this idea is nurtured from its conception to its first steps into our community. And now that the school is fully standing, we are all loving parents to this wonderful adventure.

Please allow us the pleasure to toast long life to this Lambda spirit that will link all of us together.

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