Summer School

This is Lambda's second year of offering Summer School (Summer Day Camp).

Our 2008 inauguration summer school was a great success. All our campers and Lambda members had a great time.


Testimonials from parents of our 2008 campers:

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful summer camp. The school is beautiful, and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed her 4 weeks at Lambda. We will definitely be registering for the fall classes." M.K.

"I am truly impressed by how the events are organized at Lambda. The teachers and staff are very professional and caring. I am really glad that I enrolled my children in the camp." J.T.

"This is an amazing school! The teachers and staff are exceptional. They sparked my son's interest in music and painting." L.S.

"My daughter loves every discipline of the arts, including playing musical instruments (piano and violin), singing, dancing, acting, painting, and so on. I was looking for a summer day camp which could cover all her interests and with a high quality of teaching. And I found by chance Lambda on the internet. As soon as I contacted the school, Lambda replied me so quickly and gently and gave me enough information and confidence to send my daughter to the school. And from the very first day of her summer day camp, my daughter loved the school and every subject she did at school. The curriculum was so rich on every artistic discipline that  students are continuously inspired. Teachers are very professional and of course kind and patient to students. The school building is new, clean and spacious and my daughter says she could really be relaxed. We live a bit far from the school, but every time I asked her if she wants to continue to go, she always reply, "Yes, sure!". She really loves the school and that's the reason why she continues now to take lessons of musical theatre at Lambda even after the last summer day camp. For children, if learning is at the same time fun and enjoyable -  it's the best school. And for parents, if their children enjoy learning and playing with a big smile, it's also the best school. That's why I can say Lambda is the best place to go during the summer!". N.F.


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