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FREE: Joint Piano Masterclass by Dr. Angela Chan and Dr. Wonny Song  -  1st April, 2012 (Sunday)

Both Dr. Chan and Dr. Song's students have won national and international competitions

An excellent opportunity for students to receive pre-competition, pre-examination training and musical refinement

Learn about Dr Chan and Dr Song's unique teaching approaches


* Each performer will benefit from feedback from both Dr. Chan and Dr. Song for their performance.


Date: 1st April 2012 (Sunday) from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and concert performance level  (Instruction in English or French)

Limited spaces available for performers. First  come first serve.


Reservation:  Please call (514) 697-9991




Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Address: 4989 Boul des Sources, Pierrefonds, Quebec, H8Y3E3, Canada




The Lambda Master Class Series is conducted by a team of master teachers using the latest pedagogical approaches and unconventional and innovative formats and is open to all.
Participants will be taught to:
- Maximize learning and retention
- Improve performance without undue stress

Follow-up classes provide additional support to participants for implementing artistic ideas.

Amateurs and non-performers are welcome to attend as auditors. Those who wish to participate, with the exception of improvisation master classes, must submit their repertoire 30 days prior to the master class for approval.


Masterclass with Prof. Helmut Lipsky (violin, viola, cello)

Helmut Lipsky, renowned violinist, composer and improviser offers an improvisation workshop for string players (violin, viola and cello) aged 12 years and up and who have at least 4 years of instrumental studies.

Basic instrumental skills are required, but no previous improvisational experience is necessary. This course explores various scales and modes and their application in jazz and other musical styles. Students will be coached in both solo and collaborative ensemble contexts.



Duo Piano Master Class Series

Wonny Song (concert pianist) & Angela Chan (piano pedagogue) Intermediate and Advanced Levels

This duo piano master class program will be hosted simultaneously by Wonny Song and Angela Chan, collaborating as a coaching team. They will provide feedback and coach participants on:

- Performance

- Style

- Interpretation

- Technique

- Psychological elements associated with practice and performance

- Critical thinking

- Artistic independance

- Seeking the best solutions for the individual student’s purposes

Participants are welcome to attend this master class as piano duos duet, for which two piano repertoires can be chosen.


Lambda Ensemble Workshop

Intermediate and Advanced Levels Co-conducted by: Wonny Song (pianist) & Alexandre da Costa (violinist)

This ensemble duo will give master classes to other ensemble duos to help musicians become more artistically sensitive to the demands of ensemble performance.

Wonny Song (pianist) will coach instrumentalists (e.g. violinists) on ensemble techniques and help them understand the challenges the pianist faces as a duo partner. Alexandre da Costa, with the background as both violinist and pianist, will help the pianist comprehend demands experienced by the string player.



Lambda Interdisciplinary Chamber Music Workshop

Alexandre Da Costa (violin), Jean-Philippe Tremblay (viola /conductor), Amelie Fradette (cello) and Wonny Song (piano) will share their experiences and artistic perspectives of music making and interpretation as soloists and ensemble players with budding chamber musicians.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration with other artists, discussion will be based around:

Performance enhancement

Injury prevention

Artistic communication



Lambda Interdisciplinary Performance Coaching Series

With  Prof. Jorge Chaminé  (Took place in October - November 2008)


For more than a decade, baritone Professor Jorge Chaminé has been involved in the coaching of young musical professionals in Europe. Professor Chaminé’s Performance Coaching Series at Lambda will help the advanced /accomplished student to develop into a true professional artist. This is a course specially developed for soloists, including singers, pianists and chamber ensembles and it goes beyond the standard master class.


Students will become aware of critical issues and challenges they will face, such as establishing an artistic identity and coping with life's challenges while pursuing an artistic career.

As well, students will learn to use the body to communicate musical expression.

This Performance Coaching Series will be given in collaboration with pianist Wonny Song.









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