MONTREAL West Island Music program CEGEP audition preparation | Entrance to Marianopolis Vanier Music department | Intensive CEGEP & University Entrance Audition Preparation for Music

For CEGEP and University Entrance audition preparation, we will first conduct a preliminary profile assessment of the prospective student's musical background. Based on results of this assessment, we will develop a customized intensive program to help fulfill the specific entrance requirements within a stipulated deadline.


(1) Instrumental / Voice performance training and coaching

(2) Open Rehearsals for practice performances / Audio & Video recording for distant auditions

(3) Music Theory Written examination preparation (for placement tests)

(4) Solfege and aural training

(5) Assistance in helping students find the best match with a teacher at CEGEP or professor in Universities in Quebec and North America


In general, a lead time of minimally 5 to 6 months is recommended for students who have been receiving regular musical instruction in order to ensure thorough preparation.

For more information, please contact us at (514) 697-9991


* Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts has a record of 100% success rate in preparing students for CEGEP and University Entrance preparation for musical studies. Success is guaranteed!

Our students have successfully been accepted by CEGEPS including Marianopolis, Vanier, Conservatoire de Quebec a Montreal as well as various Universities in Montreal (MCGill University, Universite de Montreal, Concordia University), and major universities and musical institutions in North America.

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