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Piano Lessons in West Island Music School LAMBDA with outstanding piano teachers from Montreal - Private piano lessons and group piano courses in West Island Montreal

Lambda School offers private piano lessons in the West Island of Montreal offering world class level piano teachers for beginner to advanced levels. We provide piano training to students of all ages and levels, ranging from young children to adults. We serve various locations in the West Island, including Kirkland, Pointe Claire, Dollard des Ormeaux, Dorval, Pierrefonds, Vaudreuil, Pincourt, Hudson, St Lazare, Ville Ste Laurent, Montreal West, Westmount, Vaudreuil, Pincourt, Hudson, St Lazare, Ville Ste Laurent,Ste Dorothee, Laval and more.

Lambda offers piano lessons for both beginners and students with prior experience. We assist students in preparing for practical and theory examinations (RCM examinations), CEGEP and university entrance auditions in Canada. We offer lessons in our West Island location (serving the area of Kirkland, Pierrefonds, Dollard des Ormeaux, Pointe Claire, Dorval, Ville Ste Laurent, Montreal, Laval, Ste Dorothee, and more) as well as in multiple off-site locations. Our piano teachers are professional, patient, experienced and methodical. Please contact us whether you are learning for fun, for examinations, or planning to establish a career in piano performance.  

Lambda piano student performing at Carnegie Hall

Benefits of learning to play the piano

Learning to play the piano has numerous cognitive, psychological and physiological benefits. The best way of sharing is through music, as music touches the core of the listener's heart. It is also a good way to express one's emotions. We share our joys and sorrows through music, and we can express inners feelings that we will not otherwise dare to share through words.

For Children

Learning to play the piano is an effective way to enhance their creativity and promotes the expression of emotions. Children also develop better co-ordinations skills through music. Through consistent practice, students develop a sense of patience, discipline, attention to detail, and also learn to appreciate the diversity of musical genres.

Musical training has been shown to enhance a child's ability to concentrate hence becomes more focused in learning. It also enhances speech development in young children.  For instance, even cursory musical training can enhance reading skills as well as pitch discrimination abilities in speech (Moreno, Marques, Santos, Santos, Castro, & Besson 2009). Gromko (2005) showed that children who receive musical training will develop aural skills for spoken sounds and words faster than those who did not receive musical instruction.  Franklin, Moore, Yip, Jonides, Rattray, and Moher, (2008) also found evidence for greater verbal working memory span in musicians than non-musicians.

For Adults

For adults, learning the piano is a calming hobby - where one can learn to play one's favorite tunes, and share with friends and family. It also engages the mind and body which maintains flexibility, dexterity and mental acuity.

For Seniors

Piano playing is particularly beneficial to senior citizens. Research shows that seniors who have learned to play a musical instrument shows better cognitive brain function than those who do not play an instrument. Our seniors group piano class provides a fun musical environment for adults to learn their favorite tunes and also interact with like-minded music lovers.

LAMBDA PIANO PROGRAMS (for children, adults and seniors) - Private Piano Lessons and Group Piano Courses

Piano Program (Group & Semi-Private Instruction)rosa piano lesson small

Instructors: Tristan Lauber, Rosa Pyon, Frederic Brunel

Course Level: Beginner, Intermediate

The group piano instruction program introduces the learner to basic keyboard musicianship, musical expression, development of technical and sight-reading reading skills as well as music appreciation. In a fun and mutually supportive atmosphere, students learn the basics of effective practice strategies and ensemble techniques.



Montreal Piano teacher West Island LAMBDA

Piano Program (Individual Instruction)

Instructors: Martin Karlicek, Tristan Lauber, Rosa Pyon, Frederic Brunel (Jazz piano & Improvisation)

Course Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Students will develop a solid repertoire as they progress to higher performance levels. Students also have the option to choose between classical and jazz piano training.

Performance goals are set which include preparing for auditions, examinations, competitions and recordings. Students also have the opportunity to participate in masterclasses conducted by artist teachers to foster diversity in musical perspectives. Ensemble groups will present their works in-progress at master classes for constructive feedback.



Dr. Wonny Song - Vice Director of LAMBDA

Piano Program (Professional Concert Training)

Instructors: Angela Chan, Wonny Song

Course Level: Advanced

This intensive program is intended for students with a strong pianistic background who wish to pursue a concert career. The structure of the program will be developed based upon the unique needs for each individual. Students in this program will study with both Dr. Angela Chan and Dr. Wonny Song simultaneously.



Fast-tracking Program - This program is specifically designed to help gifted and dedicated young students achieve their maximum capacity in performance within the shortest time span.

Lambda Piano Student performing at Carnegie HallEntrance requirements for the advanced and fast-tracking programs: Formal performance audition and interview with either or both directors.

It has been proven in our historical records that with the appropriate methodology and collaborative efforts between student, teacher and parent, it is possible to achieve from beginners' level to RCM Grade 10 piano performance level within less than a year.

Another major difference in our unique teaching methodology is that we assist the artistic development of the young musician, hence performance goes beyond sheer technical accuracy and dexterity. Students at Lambda learn to perform from their hearts, and to convey a sense of conviction, personality and artistry in their performances since an early age.

Students in the fast-tracking program also receive regular masterclasses from internationally renowned piano pedagogues. For instance, in the past years, our students have attended masterclasses by Alfred Brendel, Prof. James Anagnoson, Prof. Jorge Chamine, Dr. Wonny Song, Ms. Nancy Loo, Prof. Kyoko Hashimoto, Dr. Angela Chan, and other major concert artists.

Students in our fast tracking program have won first prizes in major national and international competitions, as well as performed in major concert venues such as Carnegie Hall (New York). They have also performed internationally in countries including North Amercia, Canada, Italy, France, Korea, China and Hong Kong.



Performance of 7-year-old Sarah Oulousian (Villa Lobos - Polichinello) in fast tracking program after 11 months of study.

Performance of our young Lambda Piano Student Xiaoyu Liu (Liszt - Spanish Rhapsody)

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