Montreal West Island Music School LAMBDA Flute Lessons | West Island Flute Lessons with excellent flute teacher at LAMBDA Montreal West Island


Flute Program (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

Professor Sylvia Niedzwiecka

Approach: Professor Niedzwiecka uses the Suzuki approach, which supports every child’s natural ability to learn music in the same way they learn to speak: through listening, imitation and repetition. A nurturing environment allows children to grow and develop their abilities. Children ages 4+ are welcome.

Students receive one individual lesson per week. They progress step by step, learning at their own pace and revising the repertoire, so that playing music feels natural and simple. They listen daily to the studied repertoire, learn to play by ear and then to read music, and participate in regular group lessons.

The parent’s active involvement ensures the success of the student. The parent attends lessons, takes notes, and learns how to guide the child in learning how to practice. They also learn the fundamentals of the instrument to be able to help their child at home.


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