School Policy

General Policies

(1) LAMBDA seeks an environment that promotes academic achievement and integrity that is protective of free inquiry, and serves our educational mission. We seek an environment that is free from violence, threats, and intimidation; respectful of the rights, opportunities, and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and guests of the school; and does not threaten the physical or mental health or safety of members of the school community.
(2) Music students are asked to remove obstructive jewellery while taking lessons in order to avoid interference.
(3) Piano students are required to maintain short and unvarnished fingernails to facilitate the learning process.
(4) To prevent the potential spread of contagious diseases (such as the cold or flu), students are required to wash their hands before their lessons. This is particularly applicable to piano students.
(5) For the well-being of the LAMBDA community, students and staff who are not feeling well are requested to stay home and not to take part in any lessons, courses or activities at LAMBDA.
(6) We kindly ask that students leave all valuables (such as jewellery, electronics, etc) at home as LAMBDA will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items left unattended.
(7) Please note that all required course materials can be purchased at the LAMBDA reception.
(8) During the winter months, we request students and parents to remove their boots in order to maintain clean and dry floors for everyone’s safety. We provide paper slippers or students may bring their own change of shoes.
(9) No foods or drinks are allowed in all classrooms, private instruction rooms, concert halls and recording studio.
(10) Do not place bags and personal belongings on musical instruments or equipment.
 (11) Students are asked to proceed quietly through the halls to avoid disturbing classes in progress.
 (12) LAMBDA is a strictly smoke-free and nut-free zone.
(13) All promotions and discounts (including free trials) offered at Lambda are applicable to Group Classes only. Discounts cannot be combined, and will be applied to the lower amount before taxes.
(14) Any student who is late for a lesson will not be able to carry over minutes as it will set the other students behind. 
(15) All LAMBDA music students (group and individual instruction) are automatically enrolled for the LAMBDA Examination, unless they opt out during registration.
(16) Parents authorize LAMBDA the use of photographs and electronic recordings produced during class time for publicity purposes, such as brochures and web site. All material used will remain the property of LAMBDA School of Music and Fine Arts.
(17) For the protection and well-being of our students, LAMBDA strictly prohibits any affairs and romantic relationships between LAMBDA professors and students.
 (18) LAMBDA, its directors, professors, agents, employees, and sub-contractors are released from any and all claims for damages, loss or injury/illness sustained during or from participation in any LAMBDA programs and activities. Moreover, the school shall not be held accountable for simple negligence.  

Payment Policy

(a) Students are required to pay registration fees and full tuition payment upon registration. Alternative mode of payment in terms of instalments by post-dated cheques or pre-authorized credit card payment will be accepted with an initial deposit of $200.
(b) Advanced payments are to be made before the commencement of lessons.
(c) With the exception of the first paid trial lessons, Lambda does not accept “by the lesson / by the month/ or pay-as-you-go” forms of payment. All payments must be made in advance in a package (minimally on a semester basis of 20 lessons, or on an annual basis of 40 lessons).
(d) Credit Card Pre-authorization information is required in order to complete the registration procedure, unless all payment has been pre-settled through post-dated cheques.
(e) LATE PAYMENT - Interest of 18% will be charged on all overdue fees. If payment is not received, lessons will cease until payment is received. Any lessons which should have been given during this time will be forfeited; the teacher will not be expected to make up these lessons. 
(f) Registration fees will not be refunded. Tuition fees will not be refunded unless under special medical circumstances in which a medical certificate is issued by a registered medical doctor deeming that a student is not physically fit to participate in the course(s) registered. In this case, a 80% refund can be issued with a processing charge of $80.
(g) LAMBDA reserves the right to change or cancel a class due to scheduling conflict or inadequate enrolment. In these cases, a full refund will be granted.

Registration Fees

 (a) A non-refundable registration fee of $50 will be charged for registration of a new student.
 (b) A one-time registration fee will be charged when students register on a consecutive semester basis (with the exception of absence during the summer program).
 (c) Students will be required to pay registration fees to revive an inactive file. An inactive file is one in which students have stopped taking classes for one or more semesters.
 (d) Learning materials such as books, canvases, paints etc are not included in the registration or tuition fees.

Paid Trial lessons

(a)     Trial lessons must be pre-paid before scheduling can be arranged.
(b)     Prospective students who missed their paid trial lesson(s), shall NOT BE reimbursed.
(c)      Prospective students who choose to reschedule their paid trial lesson may do so with minimal advance notice of 48 hours before their scheduled class.

 Missed Lessons for Group & Semi-private / Private

 Missed Group Lessons

(a)     Group classes are offered as an entire package. Students will not be reimbursed for missed lessons or classes. Missed group lessons / classes will be made up by our Lambda professors / substitute professors if and only if they are cancelled by the teacher.  
(b)     Under special circumstances with permission from the directors, missed semi-private lessons / classes (with minimal 48 hours prior notification) may be scheduled to another existing session offered within the same semester.

Missed Semi-private/Private lessons

(a)      Prospective students can have a paid trial private or semi-private lesson in their respective choice of discipline.
(b)       Students are required to register for an entire session (and not by individual lessons). A minimal payment of 50% of the session has to be made at the beginning of the semester. The balance of the payment must be completed at the beginning of the second month of the semester.
(c)     Tuition for lessons / classes for a semester basis is payable in maximally 2 installments made with post-dated cheques.
(d)     Students will receive rehearsal /coaching lesson(s) before their concert performance(s) from their professors in order to help them become better prepared – these coaching and concert performance preparation sessions will officially be charged as formal lessons.
(e)     To ensure steady progress, Lambda will provide a qualified substitute teacher to offer lessons in cases where the assigned teacher is unavailable. 
(f)      Lambda does not allow “splitting or sharing lessons”. For example with two siblings each taking a 30-minute lesson should be register as two different students taking 30-minute lessons, and are not eligible to combine the time, and register as one individual taking 60 minute lessons. 

 Mid-Stream Entrance

 * (a) Students who enter a program after a semester has already started for 3 or more weeks are considered as mid-stream entrance. Mid-stream entrance re-adjustments are only applicable to group classes, in which case students entering group classes mid-stream may register until the end of December 2010 (for semester registration) or until the end of June 2011 (for annual registration).

(b) Only students who registered for 2 consecutive semesters (a total of 40 lessons or more) will benefit from the annual tuition rate. Students who decide to extend their classes beyond the semester registration will still have to pay the semester tuition rate.
(c) All tuition payments must be made in advance. Lambda does not accept the monthly "pay-as-you-go" tuition payment of every 4 lessons.

Lambda Examination

(a)        All music students in piano, violin, guitar and voice (including young beginners) are automatically enrolled for the Lambda Examination. Students who choose to opt out of the Lambda examination system must do so at the moment of registration.
(b)       All Lambda examinations fees are due on the first day of the second of month after registration. For Fall semester, examination fees are due on the 1st October 2010, for the Winter Semester, examination fees are due on the 2nd February 2011.

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Material Costs

(a)        Material costs are not included in the tuition price. Students are expected to purchase their own course materials, including books, paints, canvas, costumes, props, cameras and musical instruments. Most these materials (such as books and canvases) can be purchased directly at our Lambda reception.

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Concert and Performance Participation 

(1) Lambda students receive a balanced and diversified training. Every year, music students prepare for (a) two concert performances, (b) the Lambda Examination and/or other examination equivalents, and (c) music competitions to provide tangible goals for accomplishment as well as to ensure diversity of musical experiences. Musical theatre students will deliver two performances, while fine arts (painting and digital photography) students will present two vernissages within the academic year.
(2)  Students who are unable to participate in concerts and performances must notify their professors in writing at least 30 days in advance.

Absence Policy

(a)  Any student who will miss a lesson is required to notify the receptionist 48 hours in advance, unless the absence is due to illness, in which case a medical note must be provided. Chronic cancellations (less than 48 hours notice) will cause us the inability to schedule makeup lessons for the student. If a student will miss more than 2 consecutive classes, the director needs to be notified in advance.
(b)  Any student who leaves town for vacations are required to submit a written notice to Lambda with minimally 3 days' notice.
(c)  Any unannounced absences for lessons and classes (irrespective of any reasons) will not be reimbursed.
(d)  To ensure progress and consistency of learning, students may miss up to a maximum of 2 classes per semester.
(e)   Students who wish to re-schedule a private lesson need to notify our staff minimally 48 hours in advance.
(f)   Re-scheduling with less than 24 hours notice will not be honored.
(g)  Arrangements for re-scheduling with teachers can be made on a mutually convenient basis.  
(h)  There will be no reimbursement for missed lessons / classes.

 Cancellation Policy

 (a) Registration fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
 (b) All cancellations will be subject to a $100 administration fee and must be confirmed by the first day of class.
 (c) In cases of requests for lesson cancellation of paid trials, a minimal 48 hours advance notice is required.
 (d) A $15 administration / processing fee will be charged for discipline switching after registration for a program.
 (e) A $50.00 penalty fee will be charged for any NSF or bounced cheques, and a 15% charge on all late payments.
 (f) LAMBDA reserves the right to cancel a class in cases of insufficient enrolment.


 Policy updated on 25th July 2010 



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