Advanced Photography
(A private course for individuals or pairs)
Professor: Sterling J. Agres of GOLIATH2 STUDIOS

Expressions of Photography, is a customized learning experience for individuals (or pairs) interested in exploring Photography as a means of personal expression and exploration.

Not simply a class on how to produce a recordable image with a camera, but a private course built specifically to help evolve an individual (of any skill level) into an expressive photographer. We will also explore the interconnection between Subject, Artist, Camera and Photograph that develops within you as a true photographer.

Expressions of Photography is a customizable 10 week course of photography theory, philosophy and most importantly practical 'hands-on' workshops. Two field-trips are also included – 'Old-Montreal by Daylight' & 'Night-Lights of Montreal'.

The professional photographer's textbook used for the course includes additional photography subjects to help continue your personal development even after the course is completed.

Outside of the classroom during the course, you will be able to e-mail your works for professorial critique or to simply ask a photography related question.

Course Subjects Outline

Introduction to Expressions of Photography

- What you are Saying? - A Philosophical view of a Photographer
- Basic Camera Operation: Shutter, Aperture, Exposure, Depth of Field Workshops
- Basic Composition - Theory, Discussion & Workshop
- Manipulation - Basic Light - Theory & Workshop
- Looking for you? - Self-Expression through Imagery & Journalism - Discussion
- Deception – Advanced Lighting Discussion & Workshop
- This is what I am. A Self-Expressive Image - Theory, Discussion & Workshop

This course requires all students to have access to a Digital Camera which the user can manually manipulate shutter speed, aperture (F Stop) and ISO settings (D-SLR is preferred). Please contact us if you require confirmation for any particular brand or model.

You must book your course at least two weeks in advance of your desired start date. All start dates are subject to availability. The program will consists of 10 x 1 hour classes during a scheduled 10 week period (All course dates are subject to change with advance notice and confirmation). Course subject headings are not listed sequentially nor are they absolute. All photography subjects and topics will be introduced as per skill and knowledge levels allow for, relative to each individual student.
$575. 00 (+tax) per student based on a booking/class of 2 students

Field-Trip transportation not included

Text book included with cost of course
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