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Lambda School Venue Activities at Lambda during the academic year 2008 to 2009
Lambda End of Year Concert December 11th 2008 End of Year Concert
After Renovation Our fully renovated Lambda building opened its doors on the 27th June 2008.
Before Renovations March 2008 Lambda School venue in April 2008 before renovation.
Concert & Vernissage (5 March 2009) Concert by Amelie Fradette (Cello) & Wonny Song (piano) with vernissage by Andre Fradet
2009 Spring Open House and Presentation 15 March 2009 Spring Open House at Lambda
Graduation pictures for Lambda 2009 Winter Session Graduation Pictures for Lambda 2009 Winter Session
Video filming for Lambda Promotional Video Video filming at Lambda Reception Area - by Sterling Agres from Goliath2 Productions on 11th May 2009
Lambda Students performing on PBS Mountain Lake Holiday Spectacular Duo pianists Gina and Tina Chou representing Lambda at a PBS Mountain Lake recording session at Plattsburg, New York (fo...
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