Teacher Accreditation Program 2014

Application Requirements

Participants of the Lambda Teacher Accreditation Training program will be required to have minimally 3 years of teaching experience or with an undergraduate degree in music or education.

Participants are required to attend a total of 6 workshops.

Teachers attending the accreditation program are required to attend a total of 6 workshops. Of which 4 are mandatory workshops as specified by the Lambda accreditation training program, while the remaining two workshops can be chosen from the list of 4 pedagogical workshops offered in the 2013 Lambda Pedagogical Workshop Series.


Assessment for accreditation will be based on

*       Workshop attendance

*       Viva Voce – demonstration of one's personal pedagogical approaches through giving a critique of selected videos of one's students

*       Reflective Practice – discussion of one's concerns and thoughts related to musical pedagogy

*       Internship / Practicum - apprentice training through hands on teaching of students guided by our senior pedagogical faculty


Benefits of participating in the Lambda Music Teacher Accreditation Training Program

(1)   Receiving recognition as a professional in music teaching
(2)   Networking with other musical professionals
(3)   Participating in giving feedback to a unique examination system of the milllenium
(4)   Sampling performances of music students
(5)   Developing diverse perspectives through attending special training workshops conducted by international caliber concert artists and veteran pedagogues
(6)   Access to the Lambda Music Library Collection 
(7)   Lambda Accredited Music Teachers enjoy a 15% discount for the remaining workshops from the Piano Pedagogy Series 
(8)   Lambda Accredited Music Teachers membership* entitles them to use the Lambda Pedagogy Library Collection and a free once-a-year studio concert at the Lambda Concert Hall


Lambda Teacher Accreditation Training Program

Selected topics from the following:

(1)   Philosophy of teaching

(a) Teaching at various levels – motivating students and helping them achieve
(b) Fostering a strong relationship with students and parents
(c) Music as a part of life

(2)   Preparing students for examinations and getting them to do well
Lambda Examinations – evaluation criteria

(3)   Circumventing pedagogical difficulties – handling contingencies

(a)   Most recent findings in pedagogical research
(b)   Practicing effectively, and how to effective prepare for a convincing performance

(4)   Basic technical and performance analysis of repertoire

(5)   Developing and maintaining a professional teaching studio

(a)    Music library
(b)    Teaching tools
(c)    A balanced curriculum
(d)    Familiarity with method books
(e)    staying in tune with current musical activities in the city – concerts, competitions

(6)    Coaching students how to be better performers

(a)    Establishing an effective and efficient practice routine
(b)    Maintaining reliability and security in performance
(c)    Development of musicality


(7)   Choice of repertoire for students

(a)   using technology to implement teaching
(b)   handling new repertoire
(c)   effective teaching strategies
(d)   allocation of teaching time and focus
(e)   maximizing pedagogical productivity – efficiency and efficacy
(f)    Improving sight-reading skills

Upon completion of all the requirements for the Lambda Teacher Accreditation Workshop, participants will receive a certificate of accreditation from Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts.

*To maintain the status of a Lambda Accredited Teacher - an annual membership renewal fee of $185 plus taxes (from January 2014 to August 2014) and regular attendance of our Lambda Piano Pedagogy Workshop Series (over 50%) are obligatory.


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