Lambda Internal Audition/Evaluation


Lambda encourages students to participate in as many performance opportunities as possible to ensure that steady progress is maintained. As training for official examinations systems such as the RCM Examinations, Lambda supports its students by offering them internal performance evaluations / auditions.


Lambda Internal Audition / Evaluation 2012  (for piano, violin, guitar and voice)

Lambda students will progress from one level to the next in a systematic and methodical manner. Progress will be evaluated through an internal achievement audition /evaluation conducted in a professional, objective yet friendly manner to ensure that students have attained a level of proficiency before proceeding to the next level.

The basis of evaluation for the Lambda Internal Audition / Evaluation is recognition of personal achievement rather than comparison with others. Critiques can also serve as useful guidelines for students in their practice.

Upon successful completion of the Lambda audition and evaluation process, students will be recommended to participate in internationally recognized examination systems, such as RCM Examinations.

The Lambda Internal Audition / Evaluation system is divided into various levels. With the successful completion of each level, students may be awarded certificates of accomplishment.



Format and Process of Audition / Evaluation:

The Lambda Internal Audition / Evaluation is a one-of-a-kind musical evaluation system that monitors the progress within an individual, rather than through external comparison with others. The goal is to build confidence through acknowledging musical progress.



Audition / Evaluation Levels for Group Instruction:

A – Introductory / Beginners’ Level

B - Elementary

C – Mid-Elementary

D – Late Elementary

E – Early Intermediate

F - Intermediate

G – Late Intermediate

H – Early Advanced


Audition / Evaluation Levels of Individual Instruction:

Introductory – beginner’s level

1 Elementary

2 Mid-Elementary

3 Late Elementary

4 Early Intermediate

5 Intermediate

6 Late Intermediate

7 Early Advanced

8 Advanced

9 Highly Advanced


Audition / Evaluation  Results:

Students will receive feedback for their evaluation approximately one month after completion of their audition.

Premier Prix avec Grande Distinction

Premier Prix avec Distinction

Prix d'Honneur

Prix de Merite



Audition / Evaluation dates:

Certificate A:  End of October to Mid-December 2011

Certificate B: Mid-March to Mid-June 2012




Audition / Evaluation Schedule 2011 - 2012

Certificate A


Application Deadline: 19th September, 2011

Evaluation / Audition Date: End of October to Mid-December 2011

Certificate B

Application Deadline: 24th January, 2012

Evaluation / Audition Date: Mid-March to Mid-June 2012



Judges and Evaluators:

Judges and Evaluators are seasoned pedagogues and concert professionals who are enthusiastic towards sharing their experiences of the arts with young learners.



Prizes and Awards


  1. Successful participants will be recommended to take RCM examinations that correspond to their achievement level.
  2. Participants will also receive a certificate for passing the Audition / Evaluation. There are 4 levels of achievement, namely: First Prize with Great Distinction, First Prize with Distinction, Honors, and Merit. Certificates will be given at the Lambda Prize presentation ceremony at the 2011 End-of-year concert in June.
  3. The most outstanding participants (scoring the highest in their category) with the most significant progress and demonstrating the strongest determination to excel will receive special awards at the prize presentation ceremony at the final concert at Lambda in June 2011.





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